The crypto market is filled with scams, last year (2022) scammers stole around 3.5 billion dollars worth of funds [source] . At FlairDex, our first and foremost priority is security. As a result, we are implementing all security measures to minimize and mitigate the security risk posed by external as well as internal sources. We will be implementing the following security measures:


FlairDex is inspired and forked from Solidly's audited smart contracts, with additional upgrades. The main differences between Solidly's original code and FlairDex code is the tokenomics, swap fees and how emissions are deployed.

Locked Liquidity

After the genesis liquidity is provided, LP tokens for the pair $FLDX/$USDC will be locked for 1 year, ensuring that liquidity is constantly available to trade.


FlairDex Team in KYCed with RugDOC (

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