Protocol Fees and Incentives

Swap Fees

Traditional uniswap based AMM, charge a swap fees of 0.3%, meanwhile swap fees for FlairDex is just 0.2% for volatile pairs and just 0.02% for stable pairs, some of the lowest available in DeFi.

Both these fees are configurable, with a max cap of 0.4% for volatile pairs and 0.1% for stable pairs.

Fees Distribution

ParticipantFee Percentage

Liquidity Providers (Voters in case of gauge)


Team Treasury


Partner Protocol


Flair Dex brings a unique concept of partner fees, the protocol providing liquidity for a pair will receive 3% of the total fees generated by their pools, thus incentivizing long term partnerships, and vested interest in the success of flair dex.

Gauges and liquidity Pools

If both tokens of a liquidity pool's pair are whitelisted by $veFLDX holders to be staked in gauges and receive $FLDX emissions rewards, then liquidity providers of that pair will not receive swap fees. The profits expected by the liquidity providers staking on gauges are solely derived from $FLDX emissions.

In contrast $veFLDX Lockers who voted to incentivize a particular gauge with emissions will receive all the swap fees from the liquidity pair that they voted. This creates the incentives for $veFLDX lockers to vote for the gauges that produce the highest volume in swap fees. Through this mechanism, the system provides $veFLDX lockers with the power to incentivize swap fees instead of total liquidity. The destination of $FLDX emissions is in the hands of the lockers.

If a liquidity pool is not whitelisted to be staked in the gauge, it will receive all the swap fees it generates but have no $FLDX emissions.

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