Initial Tokenomics

$FLDX doesn't have a fixed total supply. For a proper launch, initial sustainability and for providing sufficient liquidity for (FLDX/USDC) we are starting with an initial token distribution of 100 Million tokens.

  1. Team (10%) => 10M Tokens

    1. 50% (5M Tokens) => Allocated to initial team members with 6 months vesting. Will be locked as veNFTs for (1-6 months).

    2. 50% (5M Tokens ) => Locked as $veFLDX for 4 years, will be used by team for voting to drive emissions to key protocol pairs such as $FLDX-$USDC and to support ongoing protocol development.

  2. Advisors (1%) => 1M Tokens

  3. Community (15%) => 15M Token

    1. Airdrop(8%) => 8M Token => 8% of initial tokens will be allocated to early supporters and initial users of the protocol. Users will be chosen based on participation in protocol activities and behaviours that promote stability of the protocol such as: participation in testnet, providing liquidity, creating bribes, bringing in new partnerships, participating in governance, and continuing to support despite the challenges faced. The airdrops will be done in batches and will be solely decided by the team.

    2. Bug Bounty (1%) => 1M Tokens

    3. Initial Liquidity Incentivization (6%) => 6M Tokens => Will be utilised to incentivize initial liquidity by creating bribes on gauges.

  4. Marketing (4%) => 4M Tokens

  5. Launch Partners (10%) => 10M Tokens => Will be distributed to protocols supporting us during launch phase.

  6. Presale (Private + Public) (40%) => 40M Tokens

  7. Genesis Liquidity Pool (20%) => 20M Tokens

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